Tuesday, February 6, 2018….the day we ‘lost’ Lexi…again. Here is my tribute to the best.dog.ever.

We got Lexus (her real name) and her brother Lincoln (I really liked cars) in July of 2008. She was born on May 23, 2008.  She was 8 weeks old when her brother Lincoln fell into our pool and drowned. I think to this day that is why she hated the water. She freaked out every time we got in the pool and if a child was near the pool you could bet Lexi would be between them and the waters edge.

We felt bad about her losing her brother so we went out and got another doggy friend for her….Jaguar…Jag for short. Jag was a little challenged…we think he was not bred well and he was always a little goofy…but nonetheless he made a perfect friend for Lexi as he would follow her anywhere she went. I don’t even remember potty-training her as she was what we referred to as ‘the perfect dog’.  Friends became ‘lovers’ as they decided to make some puppies.  Unfortunately, Jag fell sick from some type of virus and he died in my arms one month before the puppies came….Lexi became a momma at the ripe old age of 1-1/2 years old.  She was the best momma ever to those two pups, Mercedes and Gxsr. (Brooke named hers Gsxr….she wanted a motorcycle, I wanted cars!)

So you guessed it….both pups stayed at our house and Lexi was one happy momma! They slept together throughout the day…and played….but always laid down ‘touching each other’….it was so beautiful to watch them grow together.

When the pups were six months old we had a get together and someone had left our gate opened and we did not know. The next morning Mercedes decided she would see what was beyond the gate….and momma Lexi followed after her. They traveled for a few days together as the search was intense….us, the neighbors, friends, Animal Shelter and even the Police Department searching for them. I just knew they would come back! Lexi would never stay away from home.

As the days went on they were seen separately about 8-10 miles from our home…but we could never get to them on time. The people who reported seeing them would verify…yep that was them in the picture, but they were long gone. Days, weeks and then months…60 days to be exact…went by and no doggies. I think I cried every day. Lexi hated storms and it had rained and stormed at least five or six times by now. I could just picture her in my mind trying to find shelter.

I went to the Animal Shelter every day the first month….and then every Monday and Thursday. Thursday was a very crucial day at the shelter because if the pit bulls were not claimed that was the day they were put down. Monday was a busy day for us so I pushed off going until Tuesday….and when I walked into the kennel on Tuesday morning I could not believe my eyes….and neither could she…LEXI WAS HOME!!!! She was found 60 miles from our home, 60 days after she had left. She was a mess. She had bites, fleas, sunburn and was bleeding on her paws and under her legs…..and had lost about 10-15 pounds. BUT SHE WAS HOME!  I took her to the veterinarian, he checked her out and off we went to get groomed and flea dipped and finally HOME! She did not leave our side….and NEVER left through that gate again for years….and never alone.

We never found Mercedes. Gsxr moved to another home with a new family when Brooke moved to an apartment…and again….Lexi was alone. But she was happy…and she was HOME!

In 2015 we made a cross country move to California. Lexi was not a happy car rider but she trucked across the countryside…Roy on his motorcycle and our friends driving our car with Lexi in tow. A little Benadryl along the way and again she was HOME in her new house at the beach in California. Little did we know the new role she would play in the upcoming year.

As many of you know, our son Tim lost his life to the effects of radiation cancer treatments in 2015. Lexi would truck up and down the stairs at the Pierpont house to check on Tim on the third level…down to the second level to check on Pops and finally settle in with Brooke or Noah on the first level for the night. She loved the third level where Tim was because the sunshine was always on the deck! Even after he passed she made the trek up there to settle in for her sunbathing….or lay in his closet. She was not big on the beach and the sand…but if the sun was out you could find Lexi in it somewhere.

Lexi became the keeper of Noah. She was his rock. She never left his side. On his lap. In his bed. Waiting at his door to come out. Waiting at the front door waiting for him to come home from school. Sitting next to the dining room table waiting for him to finish. She was going to be with him until her last days…..and she truly was.

When she became sick with a mammary gland tumor in September 2017 we decided to have it removed and pray that it would take care of everything. Brooke worked at an amazing veterinarian office in Channel Islands and they did an amazing job….and Lexi healed up as if nothing had happened! Her tests came back that the tumor was cancerous…and that she had Osteo Sarcoma/Bone Cancer. We did not want to believe it…but we made the decision to ride it out and take whatever time God let us have with her. In January of 2018 she started having signs of struggling to go up and down the stairs. Then her breathing became difficult. The x-rays showed a massive amount of fast growing tumors had grown inside of her (she had none in September of 2017) and they were pressing on her lungs causing breathing difficulty. Our time left with Lexi had started to countdown.

On Lexi’s final day, she could not make it down the stairs. Noah had to carry her. Her breathing was difficult even with the pain meds and the steroids. Her day to cross the Rainbow Bridge had been scheduled for the next day, Wednesday, February 7th at noon. Her and Roxy shared a huge egg and bacon and peanut butter toast breakfast on Tuesday morning. Noah went off to school…but that afternoon her breathing was labored and her and I went outside to sit in the sun…and cross over that bridge doing what she loved best….sun bathing. She could not lay down….as each time she did the tumors would press on her lungs and she could not breathe.

Lexi stopped breathing that day….out in the sun. Noah was on his way home and I prayed to God please let him get home and be able to say goodbye to her. I talked to Lexi and told her to ‘hang on for Noah, he’s almost home”….and she would sit up and gasp for air waiting on him to come home one last time. He made it home and he carried her to the car and we made that long drive to the veterinarian’s office….it was time.

As the family all stood around her saying our goodbyes, she knew it was time too. They took her in the back to place the iv in her and just the pain from that was enough to take her last breath from her. They brought her back in for us to hold her and talk her the rest of the way to the Rainbow Bridge, where we know Tim was waiting for her.

She was an amazing dog who touched so many lives…we know the day she left us, the day we once again lost our Lexi, our eyes were filled with tears of sadness and broken hearts, but Tim’s were filled with tears of joy as he welcomed her HOME once again.

We will see you again LexiAnnieBananie……my peanut butter toast breakfasts just aren’t the same without you.