To Live a Life of NO Regrets

How do you do that? Where do you start? How do you know?

Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, I think I found out last week.

The passing of the most amazing lady I have ever met brought the LIFE OF NO REGRETS….to life!

Jacqueline Lewis, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend and my personal mentor passed away at the young age of 32 years old, leaving four beautiful children and a beautiful husband as well. But the legacy she left is a true sign of Living the Life of NO Regrets!

A funeral attended by over 1,000 people (in the middle of a Michigan blizzard with white out conditions and icy roads) and viewed by webcast by over 13,000 people begins to tell the story that Jackie lived.  I can say I have never been to a funeral that ended in a standing ovation! I have never been to a funeral where we had ‘leopard loops’ on our lapels to honor the ‘wild side’ of Jackie (she loved animal prints), I have never been to a funeral that ended with a testimony by the deceased that has brought many to Christ and will continue to long after she’s gone (which has been viewed by over 10,000 people all over the world) and I have never been to a funeral where a beautiful child stands at the side of her momma’s ‘hope chest’, laying peacefully at rest, praying and looking through a muted cloth at the mother she loved so dearly.


This family had the pleasure of having their Momma next to their side 100% of the time. She didn’t have to leave every day to punch a clock. She home-schooled her children (rumor has it she had a thing for the principal too-wink, wink) took them to their extra activities, attended their events and was always there at their side. The only time Jackie truly left them was when she was out helping families achieve this same lifestyle. To help them take the steps to be a stay at home mom or dad. To experience waking up to your child, not an alarm clock. And what is truly amazing is that her husband was there all day too! They had a life many dream of and think is never achievable.  But it is, and for Bill and Jackie Lewis it was!

Jackie was more than just a great friend…she was my mentor.  Even though her age was that of my own children, she had the life I was striving for.  The solution is to learn from those who have what you desire. LIFE Leadership focuses on what we call, “Define, Learn, Do”… define what you want, learn from someone who has those results and go out and do what they did.  It is very unique and very seldom popular amongst business owners.  It would create competition and they don’t want that! But with LIFE Leadership we create leaders and help families go from good to great.  It doesn’t matter how many of those you have, great leaders or great families…you never have enough!

Jackie was my ‘go to’ person. Any questions I had she was just a text or phone call away.  Her absence has already been felt in so many ways. I am thankful for this leadership group that in the absence of Jackie there are still many other women I can ‘go to’ and get the same advice. But Jackie….well, we had a great connectiveness (is that a word?) that will be forever missed.  I will miss her texts…her “baaahhhaaaas”, her “suck it up cupcakes”, her “put on your big girl panties”, her “what’s up chica” and her “amen sista” and mostly her funny videos of people falling and tripping (thank God nobody got videos of her and I falling!) I know any one of us women who were privileged to know Jackie and to have her in our life will feel the same.

Jackie was not my idol…she was my mentor. She was an example of a great wife, a great mom, a great leader and a great friend. I recently read in this fantastic book, PAiLS-20 Years From Now What Will You Wish You Had Done Today?, by best-selling author Chris Brady, that art is a perfect metaphor of how we should build our lives.  Art is to beheld by gazing upon it. I gazed upon Jackie…I watched her move, I watched her speak, I watched her be a mom and a wife, I watched her converse with people from every walk of life….I observed her.  (No I didn’t stalk her-teehee)  I watched her because I wanted to have the results she had and her actions spoke louder than words.  As Chris Brady put it in his book, “People may listen to what we say, but they put much more stock in what they observe that we actually do.”  Jackie was a doer.

To my friend Jackie…I will ache for the emptiness in my heart, for the piece of “living art” that you displayed daily, for the silliness of your contagious laughter. I will thank God daily for the memories, the many lessons I learned from you and from watching you, the pictures, the videos, the special day when we achieved our goal of Round Table and was brought to stage by you and Bill, the trip to Vegas, Florida and many other destinations. I will thank God for answering our prayers to go to a million people, because I know in my heart YOU were his BEST SHOT to get there with the most impact on thousands of lives. And I will especially thank God that He chose me to be your friend.

Please keep Jackie’s husband Bill, and four children, Jacob, Eli, Bella and Nemo(Nihimiah), along with her family and many business partners and friends, in prayer for this huge loss in their lives.

You were my example of the Fruits of the Spirit…

Galatians 5:22-23 – But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control

So the question for you today is ‘are you truly living a life of NO REGRETS?’ because I know someone who was and I will strive to live that way until my final day of rest shall come. We never know when that day may come.  There is a TOO LATE….it’s just not TOO LATE….yet! (Thanks again Chris!)

God Bless you all….


14 thoughts on “To Live a Life of NO Regrets

  1. wow…what an amazing blog, about an amzing woman. i know that you are striving to be the best version of yourself like she would want, not to be just like her. jackie will be missed by many, but jackie will continue to influence many many more with us all put ‘in check’ by God to get it together and start REALLY living!

  2. With tears in my eyes and that darn heart in my throat, I can truely say there are so many blessings that Jackie continues to share. Well said Brenda and I know this will help in your healing process and so many others who read it. Love Ya Sista!

  3. Brenda, what a beautifully written tribute to Jackie. I was just mentioning yesterday to someone how time truly does help to heal, but as I read your blog, the tears are coming again. I keep picturing in my mind Jackie pacing on the stage, so passionate about trying to help people and bring them to Christ. How she always addressed us with such urgency to reach out and help someone and to take
    action now! I feel sad that she won’t be there to do that, and I know how much she is going to be missed. We are fortunate though that we have her CDs and her video clips to keep us on track, as well as other awesome women leaders to follow and help guide us. Her legacy truly does live on. Here’s to Jackie…On To a Million!!! ♡♡

  4. Thanks for sharing Brenda. Jackie is a beautiful example for us all to follow and to remember that a life with no regrets is achievable for us all. Because we have faith in our God who forgives and remembers our sins no more, we too can leave our past behind and live a new life with no regrets!

  5. Brenda,
    Very well said! She was an amazing lady and we will miss her dearly. She made such a difference in so many people’s lives and we are thankful to have had the opportunity to ‘sit’ under her leadership with Bill. In God’s time, I am confident we shall see her again – when the Lord shall raise her up in the last day clothed with immortality! Maranatha!!

  6. Amazing post about an amazing woman! Words cannot describe how wonderful of people you and your family are, Jackie and her mentorship clearly played a huge role in your life, but I’m guessing you had just as big of impact on hers as well. Thank you so much for sharing your inspiration, persistence, and strength. She will definitely be missed, but her spirit is clearly still here.

  7. Brenda,
    What a heart felt loving written blog. Thank you so much for sharing. What an awesome lady who will be missed.

  8. Well said Brenda. I know Jackie will be deeply missed by the many men and women whose lives she left her handprints on. Personally I know through her example how she not only touched the lives of Myself and.BreAnne but hundreds of thousands of people. Without her wisdom and guidance I’m positive our marriage would not be what it is today. It’s not perfect but it’s much better than it was 4 years ago when we were first introduced  to Bill and Jackie. To watch the growth and changes I’ve seen personally in Bre is just amazing and I thank God for the handprints Jackie has left on her. There will always be a special place in our hearts for such an amazing woman. As the events of the last few weeks have unfolded we have found strength knowing God has her in his hands. Its not goodbye its a tearful see you later. May God bless all of us whose lifes she touched . We will continue to pray for Bill and the children and her family as they search for the strengh to push through. I will always remember the time when Bre and I were coaching with them and the power went out yup coached by candlelight. It is our responseabilty now and until the day we see her again to carry on her legacy and pay it forward ! Thats what she would have wanted.God bless and thank you for writing this blog its threapy for all of us.

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